Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Call me a rebel...because this girl right here lives outside the law...

After many years (only 2) of paying hundreds of dollars (only $180) for songs on itunes, I finally decided to join the masses and stick it to the man. I'm getting my songs for free. FREE! It all happened when my computer decided to quit that bitch, as Michael K would say, and crashed... And then crash again... and again. Now that is finally up and running I feel like I have to get all the songs that I paid for back. And that's what I am doing. Plus, does Bob Dylan really need my 99 cents?

Disclaimer: I'm just kidding!! I still pay for my music...*crickets*crickets*

Somebody asked me today "Who the heck is in love with Richard Roeper?" Seriously? Who? Who? Now, I wouldn't say I am "in looooove." I am slightly obsessed, that's all. I mean, it's not like I have him in my google alerts... Seriously, I don't. Really, I'm serious, I don't expect an email everyday with information about what he's been up to... I don't pray everyday that he gets a new TV show again so I can hear him say "That movie just sucked!"

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  1. You could totally follow him on Twitter... I'm majorly into twitter right now.