Friday, March 20, 2009

Do ya

[In this life I've seen everything I can see woman]

Ever since the accident, the AC in my car is not working. So I've been forced to drive in the heat with the windows rolled down . . . and I'm damn happy the AC is not working. Now here's my idea of good drive: Windows down, music up, hot sunny day (sunny? I know, I'm surprised too), good pair of sunglasses to shield you from the sun, and a good, empty road.

[But I never seen nothing like you]

So I'm driving home from school, it's freakin hot, the freeway is jammed as always, and I'm still thinking about how to outsmart the smartass who happens to be smart and an ass. I stop to get my beefy double cheese burrito and I decide to take the street instead of getting into the freeway again.

[Do ya do ya want my love, woman?]

Best decision I could have made. I'm doing about 60 on the road and there's basically two ways to get to my house. You can take the freeway and exit on Indian Truck trail and pass by the suburbs, or you could take the longer route, which is basically a long, lonely road that looks like you are driving through the middle of nowhere . . . I love it.

[As they, sat and sang auld lang syne by the light of the moon]

And thus, I find myself driving through the long lonely road when ELO's "Do ya" starts playing. Which, with the exception of BB King and Eric Clapton's "Driving with the King," is the best road trip song.

[Well I think you know what I'm trying to say woman, That is I'd like to save you for a rainy day]

And I finally get home, happy and content, with the crazy idea of getting into the car again and paying the smartass a visit, using that as an excuse to drive again . . . and that's exactly what I did . . .

[Do ya do ya want my love, c'mon now!
Do ya do ya want my face, I need it
Do ya do ya want my mind, alright now
Do ya do ya want my love, ahhhhm look out!]

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  1. Who is this "Smartass"?

    Sounds like a good day.