Thursday, April 23, 2009

[What I wish I could say]

"So . . . how old are you? If you don't mind me asking."


"Really?! I thought you'd be like, 23 or 24"

[Right, keep thinking that, 40-something-year-old-divorced guy with 3 kids]

"So are you doing anything after this?"

[Do you always start your sentences with "Soooo"? At least republican guy could hold a conversation . . .]

"I'm going to school"

[That's right, I go to school, that place you haven't been in over 20 years. I bet your kids go to school too. Get it? I go to school, they go to school. Why don't you give me your son's number, now that's a better match, dontcha think?]

"Well, I guess I'll see next week"

"Have a nice day"

[No sucker, I made sure I made your appointment the day I won't be here. So I WONT be seeing you next week.]


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