Friday, May 22, 2009

Sucking up pays off

At first when I saw the A online I figured I'd probably made some small mistakes not worth taking points for, because I got the full 80 possible points. But then I got the test back and holy crap! No corrections! No mistakes! It's incredible! It's....!.....impossible.

The guy next to me showed me his paper and it was bleeding, seriously hemorrhaging all over. It was full of red marks everywhere (Someone went a little crazy with the red pen!) Mine only had a circled "80" in pencil. So here's my theory. I was the first to turn in the paper which means the rest of the class' papers were on top on mine. I think he was probably tired of grading papers and mine was the last one so he most likely just gave me the grade without even reading it. Had to be. There's no way I didn't make any mistakes.

I'm thinking he figured: she's always (almost always) on time, never missed a class, always participates (seriously, it's me and this guy, and maaaaaybe one or two other people, but the whole class, it's just me and this guy butting heads on the topics), she gets A's and B's in all the assignments so WHAT THE HECK! A+++++ for her.

Had to be. There's no freakin way I didn't make any mistakes. No way jose. But I'm glad to say my sycophantic ways paid off.

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