Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boogie Boogie-Woogie

I must have been a black man from the south living in the late 19th century in my past life, because I just can't get enough of the blues. I go through different music phases. One day I can't stand anything in english and want just spanish songs, other days I can't stand anything contemporary and just want rock classics. One day I love Lady Gaga, the next I'm banging my head against the wheel when "poker face" plays on the radio. But I never EVER get tired of listening to Blues music. That been said, if I could wake up to the live sound of B.B. King playing the guitar, I would donate all my earthly possessions and live off of fava beans and Chianti, if that makes sense. And if Eric Clapton would join my bluesy fantasy, then, well I might as well eat the liver too! And I would officially change my name to Layla. Know what? From now on, it's Layla for y'all.

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