Monday, June 29, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

I don't believe all friendships are meant to last forever. People come and go way too fast from our lives to keep in touch with everybody. I have moved a dozen times, from South America to Asia, to Sunny California. Now here I must have moved at least seven to eight times in the last seven years. Inevitably, I have left some relationships along the way. Also, I've never been one to need a shoulder to cry on. Yes, sometimes is good to let it all out of your system, but there's nothing therapeutic about it for me. I don't feel "Whoa, I'm glad is all out." I mostly feel "Ooook...that was unnecessary...*awkwardness*" Not to say I don't like to unwind or that I don't need friends, but unlike most people, I think I could do without any close relationships. I usually sabotage things along the way anyway, and I feel the only close relationship I need is the one with my family. And by family I mean mom, dad, and sister, maaaaybe brothers, sure why not.

But there's at least one person I wouldn't mind keeping in my life forever and ever. We went to Borders today, had coffee, browsed at some books and my night couldn't have ended any better. Now, I'm not one to get all mushy about stuff like this. I'm surprised she can get an "I love you" out of me! My sister recently told me she tells my dad "I love you" everyday and I just sat there astonished. Who loves everyday?!?! I mean, seriously, who freakin feels emotions everyday? She then proceeded to explain to me that for every two times her heart beats, mine only beats once. Makes perfect sense to me. For reals now, who emotes every-freakin-day?

Regardless, I truly care for this person. She's awesome and I will definitely be attending her funeral if she dies and shed a tear......Was that weird?

Aaaaaanyweirdmorbidthoughtsofmine, I love you boo!

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