Friday, July 10, 2009

I know I'm late BUT

I'm happy happy happy, so happy I could do the chicken dance!! My nemesis and every single animal lover's nemesis stepped down a couple of days ago. I just read her resignation speech and I'm confused...Then again, I'm always confused everytime this broad opens her big, fat, ignorant mouth. I could dissect her speech but the only way I can interpret what she's saying would be to just type: "I'm a stupid moron!, I'm a stupid moron!, I'm a stupid moron!" So let's allow a more eloquent person do the honors, and who's better than my future ball and chain, Richard Roeper!

"Gov. Sarah Palin announced she was resigning on a Friday before the Fourth of July. Even as she kept saying it wasn't politics as usual, that's exactly what it was, at least in terms of the timing.

As for the speech itself: WTF????

As in, Why the Fumbling?

What'd you think I meant?

Speaking in a rushed and jittery tone, barely coming up for air, Palin said that to continue to "plod along" as governor would be the "quitter's way out."

So, she's quitting because she's not a quitter. Got it.

According to Palin, since she's not going to run for re-election, it wouldn't be fair to serve out her term. But can't you BETTER serve your state if you're not worried about re-election repercussions?

"We just gotta put first things first," said Palin. "I love my job, and I love Alaska. I'm doing what's best for Alaska ... it's no more politics as usual."

Isn't that admitting you're not the right person to lead the state?

Palin also said she wouldn't go on "wasting public dollars and state time ... just so I can hold the title of governor."

With every statement, she seemed to be telling us she was really bad at her job. It was one of the most bizarre resignation speeches in the history of modern politics -- and I can't imagine how anyone in the Republican Party could witness the scene and think: There's our hope for 2012."

Sigh...Isn't he brilliant? Now, back to what I was saying, what Palin meant to say was "I'm a stupid moron! I'm a stupid moron! I'm a stupid moron!"

Let's hope the new incoming governor doesn't enjoy killing animals for fun.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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