Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Even if we're just dancing in the dark

I didn't watch the AMA's last week. I read Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez performed. I saw Jlo fall on her booty on youtube. I didn't catch the man-on-crotch action from Lambert. I saw some pictures of Lady Gaga looking like a something you would find in the middle of Texan desert-looking areas. I didn't catch Rihanna's performance or none of the other shenanigans. I didn't watch the VMA's either, but I did watch the whole Kanye-Taylor fiasco on youtube. Surprisingly enough, none of the people that did watch the awards shows were able to talk about anything other than the high jinks I mentioned above.

I can't poop on these singers talent, especially since my only talent seems to be catching stuff in my mouth like a dog. Yes, they sing; yes, they put on flashy performances; yes, they are "shocking" (more like scandalous, but hey). But they all feel like smoke and mirrors. I'm not a music expert, I don't know anything about beats, I don't play any instruments. I can only attest to what I know, and I do know that none of the afore mention singers touch me. Their music makes me move (physically) at most, but it does not touch me in the least. It's easy to make somebody move, it's hard to touch their souls. It's hard to bring someone to tears with just the mere sound of music. I can listen to their music a couple of times, I may buy one song. However, I cannot bring myself to spend $13.99 on one of their CD's.

Now, these people sell millions of albums. So there's either something wrong with millions of people, or there's something wrong with me. Most likely there's something wrong with me, as that is the case most of the time. All I know is that I would trade the life any of those singers to add more decades of life to some of my favorite ones. If we could bring Johnny Cash back we could get more stuff like: "Riders in the sky," "Folsom Prison blues," or "Walk the line." If we could add another 30 years to Vicente Fernandez we could get more "Por tu maldito amor," "Mujeres Divinas," or "Aca entre nos." Now, Clapton, King and Springsteen!!! Don't get me started! Riding with the King, The thrill is gone, Rock me baby, Layla, Forever man, Crossroads, Before you accuse me, After Midnight, Born to run, Tenth Avenue freeze, Because the night, Born in the USA, The river. What's gonna happen when they are gone? Lambert, Gaga, Fall out boy and Flo-rida will replace them I guess. I like Gaga's paparazzi song, it's got a nice beat. I can move to Rihanna's music. It's just they seem so temporary. Their music sounds the same so you can only listen to it for some time before you get bored. As oppose to Bruce Springsteen who is so...timeless. Or Eric Clapton, or B.B. King.
I can't say I've listen to every single one of their songs, I haven't lived that long. I can't say I've been to all their concerts, I can't afford it. But my eyes have watered listening to some of these songs. The emotion is so palpable when these men sing. Maybe is just me. I can't say Rihanna is emotionless when singing, only that I am at times when I hear her songs. There's so many already gone; Ol' blue eyes, Ray Charles. I feel like if life takes any more of these guys before I get to see them live, it's gonna be so freakin unfair...

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