Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful Disaster

I'm back in high school. My government teacher is selling herbalife on the phone. We are going on a school trip and I say goodbye to my boyfriend before I go...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! If you haven't figured it out by now, this is a dream.
I get on the train and see a person crossing the railroad tracks. I run towards the operator and try to tell him to stop, but by now the person crossing the tracks is gone. However, by me trying to save this apparition's life, I distracted the operator and made him derail the train causing it crash into a bunch of cars stuck in traffic. I back off in embarassment, go back to my seat and pretend nothing happened.

THEN! As me and other people are being checked by paramedics, Bruce Springsteen comes into the train and I run into his arms. He looks at me worried and asks me if I'm OK. I say I'm fine and he tells me in his beautiful deep husky voice: "Let's go home."

I wake up before I can respond. I've never wanted to go home so bad.

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