Friday, February 12, 2010

Au Revoir L'enfant Terrible

RIP Alexander McQueen.

I'm no fashion expert, but I do love fashion. And like most of us, I looked from far away, and with awe, at the otherworldly looks from the runway. Impossible to be interpreted as nothing but flamboyant and extreme to our untrained eyes. Alexander McQueen has always been, by far, my favorite designer and that's based on one thing only: My jaw always dropped when I saw his collections. The way they were structured, the details, the intricacies, the crazy and out-of-this-world creativity and imagination that it took for this man to bring his ideas into the physical world. I always longed for the day he would renounce fur complete, but from a fashion standpoint, his designs were epic and impeccable. And for a commoner like me to be able to see something beautiful behind the lunacy of his creations, well, it must mean that although money-wise this was for the elite, creativity-wise, his collections were for us all.

This is truly a sad day.

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