Friday, May 14, 2010

Early Awakening

I'm in my car trying to calm down a very anxious Dennis Quaid. Not only has he just found out his wife is leaving him, he found out she hired a hitman to get rid of him as well. So while he's depressed and ready to give her a hand and end his own life, he gets out of the car and runs into the street. Then I see the hitman, and apparently Dennis has a change of heart and runs back to my car as I make a U-turn to get to him and a car chase ensues. I'm supposed to take him out of the city, however, we decide he needs to go back home and get some clothes. When we get there, we realize his wife is having a fancy schmancy dinner party with all of their rich friends. This sends him back into a depressive, almost catatonic state and I have to basically push him all the way inside the house and drag him around as I try to find his bedroom. We sneak around the house like spies and end up in a bedroom full of little boy's clothes so obviously we ended up in the wrong room. Someone opens the door and we hide behind the it until the door is closed again...Then things get x rated but I wake up before we get to the good stuff.

Something is not right.

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