Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old post I wanted to keep

Once upon a time, in a land far far away. . . more specifically South America, there was a girl who had a photo album. This album contained every single photographic evidence of her existence. It captured moments from her infancy to childhood, and then her pre-teen years. This girl had to travel and leave the life she knew behind, and with it, her album. It got lost somehow and to this day, it remains lost somewhere in the land of the Incas. . .O.K., actually, we left the albums behind. I can't remember why. I think we left it with my older brother and he lost them. Anyhoo, the album is lost somewhere in the city and someone now has naked pictures of me. Scandalous!
So off we go to Asia where, for some reason, the pictures were lost too. Now I'm here in sunny California where all my pictures are in another kind of album, one inside my laptop. A laptop that was invaded by a mean virus who took over the mother ship. Now every picture I have ever had is gone, which is funny because, before my laptop, there was a desktop computer, and the same thing happened to that computer. It's like my past is gone. A big black hole, like the ones out there in the galaxy, sucked it all.
It's not a big deal but I think it's funny I also don't remember much about my childhood. What a life ;)

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