Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being a groupie is so my dreams..

So I'm at a Bon Jovi concert alone. Blackout. I'm on the stage. Blackout. At some point, Jon invites me to go back with him and the band to his hotel. Another blackout and now I'm holding his hand walking towards the hotel room. I look so freakin smitten in love. We play boardgames, listen to music and Richie Sambora sings karaoke to Eric Clapton's "After midnight." I sing a Juanes song and then Jon playfully kicks the band out.

And then I know I'm about to get my heart broken...the impending sense of doom was so nostalgic. I knew what was going to happen and what wasn't going to happen. I knew I could leave and save myself the heartbreak, or stay, savor the sweet sweet moment, and deal with reality that would undoubtedly hit me in the face after I left the hotel room.

I stayed.

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