Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stills from "Blame it on Rio"

I really liked this movie. Granted it wasn't a great movie, but it was a light, funny, B-movie that featured great scenery from Rio, funny one-liners, and Michael Caine in big glasses and curly hair. So that alone was enough to make me watch it despite the bad reviews. What I didn't expect was all the cute outfits Michelle Johnson (who plays Caine's Character's love interest) was going to wear =)

The house the characters stayed in, plus the beautiful landscape made me want to take a vacation, like, right now.

I have a dress shirt exactly like that but the collar doesn't stay up anymore :( Does anybody else out there think men's dress shirts are the most comfortable thing to wear too? I could literally have hundreds of those.

I just loved the white-orange combo. I like white, don't really care for orange but Michelle just makes it work. And that suit is to die for.

I wish I could pull off the light, pink, breezy dress and hat...Love it on her, just not my style.

Another thing not a lot of people can pull off: a green blouse, turquoise pants and an orange scarf, plus a white jacket?! If you watch the movie, you see her pulling all of those items beautifully.

I LOVED this red dress! The grainy picture does not do it justice. It will forever remain ingrained in my brain until I find it somewhere...somehow...

Pink jeans and red tie, plus a newsboy cap. I've done the tie thing, the cap thing, the pink jeans thing?? Not exactly my style, but Michelle looks absolutely pretty in them.

I can definitely say "Blame it on Rio" is one of my favorite "bad" movies. You know those movies that are so bad, they are good? I found it funny and light despite the obvious goofs. And Michael Caine with curly hair? Delicious.


  1. Totally know where you are coming from, I have watched that movie over and over and most of the time I'm looking at the house and the outfits. I searched google to see if anyone else shares the same aesthetic and bam here you are! great taste;)Makes me want to go on holidays to some exotic location!

  2. Finally someone who has seen the movie and enjoyed it as much as I did! We do have great taste ;) If this movie doesn't make you wanna save up for a vacation down in Rio, I don't know what will.

  3. I have dreamed about that house for many years! Also got here by googling it :) Thanks for being the only relevant result I found.

  4. Lol, you are welcome! I loved that movie and its aesthetic. That is my dream vacation house :)