Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ted Danson Is What Dreams Are Made Of

I'm a sucker for silver foxes. Among them: Anderson Cooper, Donald Sutherland, and Ted Danson. Beautiful, gorgeous, charming, enchanting, titillating, Ted Danson. While most people knew him as Sam Malone from Cheers, I met him as "Becker" a.k.a. the original Dr. House. To be honest, I don't think I've ever even seen and entire episode of Cheers. I know that's kind of like saying, "I love Bruce Springsteen, I've just never heard 'Born to Run,'" but I can't help it if the show premiered 5 years before I was born and ended when I was six years old. I became a fan after watching him as the misanthropic doctor Becker. I think my top 3 TV shows (in no particular order) are Boston Legal, Seinfeld, and Becker. House, The Office, and Lie To Me get 2nd place. Ted has been off the market for about 15 years, married to a beautiful woman named Mary Steenburgen, whom I want to hate but can't.

I know my chances with him are slim (just stay with me okay? My doctor says talking about my delusions helps me overcome them), but since I can't get a piece of that eye candy, I can get the next best thing: An autographed copy of the 1986 Ted Danson Cover on Playirl Magazine! All I need is the mag, Ted, and a pen.

The item is already on my amazon wishlist. So as soon as some 60-something year old woman dies, causing her grandchildren to go through her possessions, hoping to find something of value, and while on the search they find a copy of this 24-year-old magazine, and they decide to put it up on ebay or amazon or craiglist hoping another 60-something year old woman will find it valuable...It shall be mine! Then I only need to go to New York, find the filming location of his new show "Bored to Death," wait for him to get out of his trailer and ambush him with my playgirl and a sharpie.


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