Friday, January 14, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!

Yes, I've been watching "Happy Days" again and now I feel inspired.
Richie Cunningham was the quintessential example of the all-American, 1950s teenager. Wholesome, clean-cut, always in some kind of scheme to get a girl. Richie and Fonzie became best friends despite Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham initial disapproval of Fonzie. Richie had a preppy style that reflected in his clothes all throughout the seasons. I adore Happy Days, although shot during the 70's, it became a staple of the 50's. Featuring 50's fashion, music, and style all the way, Happy Days is always an inspiration to me and I wanted to see if I could include Richie's style into mine. Although I'm not preppy myself, there's some pieces in his wardrobe I definitely would not mind borrowing...

Richie wore a lot of pastel colors throughout the show. He wore letterman jackets and cardigans displaying his school colors, which started with light blue in the beginning and eventually changed to red. I've never been a huge fan of pastels, but last month I got the cutest off-the-shoulder light tan shirt and it has become my favorite, so here's to new fashion risks in 2011 and Richie's style is the way to start! Even if it comes in smaller doses, like shoes. I'm going to start including pastels here and there, until I find the ones that work and completely cross off the ones that don't.

Richie in pink ♥ Men secure in their masculinity need not fear pink. Richie Cunninham doesn't :) I do feel I need more pink in my wardrobe.

And of course, Richie in argyle! I still don't know how I feel about this. Richie pulls it off because it's his style. This may be too preppy for me, but never say never. I figured I can combine preppy argyle with a studded bag and a vintage looking ring and put some edge into the whole look.

Once again, here's to fashions risks in 2011!

PS. I have links to all the items, if anyone wants them ;)

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