Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reconnecting, Part 2

I guess if I must reconnect with someone, it might as well be on a rainy day. Puts me in a good mood. Southern California could use more days like these...

So, talk about a reunion. Memories were exchanged, epiphanies were exchanged. Not bad, but it just reminded me why some people are not in my life anymore. However, I somehow managed to get myself into a possible bridesmaid's role for the not-so-near future. Totally not what I had in mind. But I'll go for the food.

It also reminded me of how I always gotta bring up Rocky Balboa and Bruce Springsteen into any conversation.

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Reconnecting, Part 1

I'm on my way to meet someone from the past, and the baggage that comes with it. I don't know what I'm expecting, quite honestly I'm pretty neutral. I'm not expecting anything good nor bad. I personally don't believe in reconnecting, sometimes yes, but for the most part, the people that are in my life right now are the people I want in my life, right now. If someone really matters, you shouldn't have to reconnect with shouldn't have lost touch with them in the first place. That's my motto, and although sometimes is inevitable (ie, when you move as much as I have), you shouldn't let the special people in your life get away. Yeah, moving to the other side of the world makes it difficult, ahem. But when two people really want to stay connected, they will. And if the other person doesn't make an effort, then take the hint and move on.

Well, here goes nothing...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ghosts of Frienships Past

But at least I'm not a depressed alcoholic, living in a fog or his/her own self-pity.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

RIP Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, Uncle Leo, you will be missed.

One of my favorite episodes...

“Are you ashamed of your uncle? Do I embarrass you?… Haven’t I always been a good uncle?… Who told you when you went to school that you print well?… When he was younger, he had a beautiful penmanship. I used to encourage him to print… I remember your ‘V.’ It was like a perfect triangle. Whoa, there’s my bus!” – from “The Wife,” Season 5

“Listen, I don’t want to alarm you, but your nana is missing… I came to pick her up for a doctor’s appointment, she wasn’t here. I called the doctor, nobody knows where she is. She hasn’t left the apartment in twenty-five years!” – “The Pledge Drive,” Season 6 when he wanted to shut down the telethon "She’s on a very strict income. Stop the show!"

“Look at this, I told them medium rare, it’s medium…. I bet that cook is an anti-Semite. They don’t just overcook a hamburger, Jerry.” – “The Shower Head,” Season 7

“Are my eyebrows going to grow back ?” – “The Package,” Season 8

"Jerry! Hello!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now, that's a first

Not bad for a first time shooter. There's a sense of "cool" that comes with shooting a 9mm and 12-gauge shotgun. However, that coolness dissipates when the shotgun is way too heavy for you to even aim and the instructor has to help you hold it. What can I say? I'm weak. I need to do some push-ups or something.