Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reconnecting, Part 1

I'm on my way to meet someone from the past, and the baggage that comes with it. I don't know what I'm expecting, quite honestly I'm pretty neutral. I'm not expecting anything good nor bad. I personally don't believe in reconnecting, sometimes yes, but for the most part, the people that are in my life right now are the people I want in my life, right now. If someone really matters, you shouldn't have to reconnect with shouldn't have lost touch with them in the first place. That's my motto, and although sometimes is inevitable (ie, when you move as much as I have), you shouldn't let the special people in your life get away. Yeah, moving to the other side of the world makes it difficult, ahem. But when two people really want to stay connected, they will. And if the other person doesn't make an effort, then take the hint and move on.

Well, here goes nothing...

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