Thursday, February 17, 2011

RIP Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, Uncle Leo, you will be missed.

One of my favorite episodes...

“Are you ashamed of your uncle? Do I embarrass you?… Haven’t I always been a good uncle?… Who told you when you went to school that you print well?… When he was younger, he had a beautiful penmanship. I used to encourage him to print… I remember your ‘V.’ It was like a perfect triangle. Whoa, there’s my bus!” – from “The Wife,” Season 5

“Listen, I don’t want to alarm you, but your nana is missing… I came to pick her up for a doctor’s appointment, she wasn’t here. I called the doctor, nobody knows where she is. She hasn’t left the apartment in twenty-five years!” – “The Pledge Drive,” Season 6 when he wanted to shut down the telethon "She’s on a very strict income. Stop the show!"

“Look at this, I told them medium rare, it’s medium…. I bet that cook is an anti-Semite. They don’t just overcook a hamburger, Jerry.” – “The Shower Head,” Season 7

“Are my eyebrows going to grow back ?” – “The Package,” Season 8

"Jerry! Hello!"

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